Katoid selected by Xilinx as one of the top #3 startups worldwide

Katoid is proud to announce that it has been selected by Xilinx as one of the top three startups worldwide taking advantage of Xilinx’s industry-leading FPGA hardware for high-performance adaptive computation.

Xilinx, the San Jose, California based hardware design giant that invented FPGAs four decades ago and still leads the market it created, launched the novel “Adaptive Computing Challenge Contest” last year, to select and award the most promising projects taking advantage of Xilinx hardware. The top three startups out of the 55 entrants to the contest have now been announced, and Katoid’s own “FPGA-powered Interactive Analytics” entry has been selected as the third place winner.

Katoid’s contest entry incorporates the disruptive interactive analytics technology that Katoid created and has been working on since its foundation in 2017, aimed at game development studios and publishers. The radically innovative user interaction design in this technology takes advantage of the unique computation capabilities of Xilinx high-bandwidth, high-parallelism FPGAs, and provides massive-scale real-time insights and adaptive analytics to game product managers. In the coming weeks, Katoid will be rolling out its product to select clients.

Katoid believes that FPGAs are at a tipping point on their journey to solving all types of general computing tasks, and data analytics is the best business use case for such massive-bandwidth acceleration hardware. The acquisition of Xilinx itself by general CPU computing giant AMD last year for $35 billion provides support for this expansive vision, and we expect to witness enormous growth of the usage of FPGA hardware in the coming years for all types of general computation needs, and for data analytics in particular.

Katoid is grateful and excited to receive this validation of its technology and vision from Xilinx. We plan to apply the support received from Xilinx to realizing our vision of enabling product managers to multiply the market performance on their products, thanks to radically clearer insights obtained using Katoid interactive real-time analytics.

You can read the official announcement from Xilinx and access more detailed information and demo videos at the following links:



Four further information or other inquiries, contact Katoid at info@katoid.com.

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